The N Richards Group recently concluded their HARVEST PROMOTION, an annual promotion held in July & August. Key objectives of this promotion were to offer customers excellent deals for quality products, whilst raising brand awareness of both N Richards and their key suppliers.

In a novel development, the N Richards Team introduced the concept of recognising and rewarding the exceptional performance and support of their suppliers. This resulted in the HARVEST PROMOTION BEST SUPPLIER AWARD being launched.

Throughout the duration of the Harvest Promotion, each participating supplier was carefully evaluated based on pre-defined criteria. Every N Richards Branch played a crucial role in assessing and scoring the suppliers against these criteria. The dedicated Head Office team tallied the scores at the conclusion of the promotion, to assess who would be the winning supplier in each category – Wholesale, Hardware & Service Provider.

The Group is delighted to announce the winners of each category who clinched the prestigious titles in their categories. The following Suppliers emerged triumphant as the winners in their category:

  • Winner – Delta Chibuku
  • First Runner-up – Tanganda Tea
  • Second Runner-up – Trade Kings


  • Winner – Intaba Trading
  • First Runner-up – Intra Brands
  • Second Runner-up – Parker Paints


  • Winner – Nicoz Diamond

To celebrate the winners’ achievements, N Richards Group recently hosted an Awards Ceremony as a gesture of appreciation and acknowledgement of these companies’ support during the promotion.

At this event, the N Richards Harvest Promotion Floating Trophy was presented by Group Managing Director, Tyron Richards, to the winners in each category. In his speech, he personally thanked all winners and said,

“The N Richards Group continues to value the collaborative efforts and commitment of its suppliers. These awards are a recognition of partnerships fostered between the N Richards Group and their stakeholders within the industry.”

The N Richards Group wholeheartedly congratulates the winning teams for their outstanding performance and commitment during the promotion. Their efforts set them apart and identified them as clear leaders in their niche.

In conclusion, N Richards would like to acknowledge all their Key Suppliers who supported the Harvest Promotion. It is anticipated that these awards will become an annual event which will acknowledge the all companies who make their promotions successful.


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