What started as just an empty piece of land, has now transformed into a majestic new N Richards Group branch in Hatcliffe. On the 16th of June 2021, the doors for the Hatcliffe branch were officially opened. Situated off the Domboshava Road, just 5km away from Borrowdale Village, it cannot be missed. This is every trader’s dream, a one-stop shop that provides everything traders need.

Crowds gathering as they anticipate the opening of the new Hatcliffe branch.

The shop was opened with the intent of servicing the Harare North area and beyond. With a one-stop shop that was conveniently located, with abundant parking, a wide range of products, and competitive prices among many other benefits. All Covid-19 protocols were observed, people were sanitized before entering the shop, maintained their social distance, and kept their face masks on throughout the time they were in the store premises. The friendly floor staff made sure that all the products were lined up perfectly to offer the best shopping experience. They were also available to attend to any questions the customers had.

What products are offered at the new Hatcliffe branch?

The product offering in the store includes;

Opening hours and shopping experience

The Hatcliffe doors were opened at 09:00hours and an excited team of customers rushed in to take advantage of the amazing opening specials. The spacious car park was filled up with cars, trucks, bicycles, and customers coming in to enjoy the new store. Since the opening we have reverted to the started operating hours of Monday – Friday 08:00hrs-17:00hrs and Saturday- Sunday 08:00hrs – 13:00hrs.

Inside the magnificent shop, were wide aisles and neatly packed shelves that were full of a wide range of products at affordable prices. Customers had a hard time picking what they needed as there was so much to choose from. The Hatcliffe and Borrowdale communities were the happiest as they had so much convenience just at their doorstep.

It was a day filled with a lot of fun activities; giveaways (everyone loves freebies), dance competitions, interaction with suppliers, interaction with the N Richards management team.

For more pictures of the day’s experience visit our Facebook page.

The N Richards Group now has 39 stores that are located in Zimbabwe’s major cities and growth points for the convenience of the customers.

We have to give it to the N Richards team;  they really did an amazing job.

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