Agricultural Inputs

All Agricultural Needs and Farm Inputs in our #1 Stores​

Running a farm and finding inputs for your agricultural operations can be challenging. We at N. Richards Group provide solutions for all your agricultural and farm needs to save you time and money. We stock the leading brands that all farmers choose for success! Visit your nearest N. Richards Hardware branch where our friendly staff will help you choose what you need from these fine products:

N Richards Group offers a range of manual ploughs and plough parts for local farmers.

Durable and reliable equipment ensures efficient soil preparation, increased productivity, and improved farming experiences.

Increase your yields and achieve optimal harvests with N Richards Group’s trusted brands.

Plough MB200 - N Richards - Harare - Zimbabwe
Plough MB200 – N Richards – Harare – Zimbabwe
Flat Share MB200 SYM - N Richards - Harare - Zimbabwe
Flat Share MB200 SYM – N Richards – Harare – Zimbabwe

Get your hands on top-quality agricultural tools and essentials from N. Richards Group!

From spades, badzas, pitch forks and slashers, to durable hose pipes and wheelbarrows (flat & concrete pan), our reliable products are designed to make your farming tasks easier.

Enhance your productivity with N Richards Group’s trusted range of products today!

Monarch Shovel Round Nose - N Richards - Harare - ZimbabweMonarch Concrete Wheelbarrow Heavy Duty - N Richards - Harare - Zimbabwe

Enhance your farming potential with N Richards Group’s agricultural seeds.

From maize to vegetables, our high-quality seeds ensure a successful harvest.

Plant with confidence and unlock the full potential of your farm with N Richards Group.

Boost your crop yield with reliable agriculture fertilisers stocked in N Richards branches nationwide.

Our range includes Ammonium Nitrate, Compound D, and Compound C fertilisers. Achieve healthy and resilient plants with quality fertilisers.

Trust our range of fertilisers to deliver the nutrients your crops need for optimal growth and abundant harvests.

Secure your farm with fencing materials from the N Richards Group.

Our high-quality fencing solutions provide reliable protection for your agricultural assets. We stock quality diamond mesh, bush fence and barbed wire.

Available at our branches across Zimbabwe, our fencing offers durability and peace of mind.

Diamond Mesh Fencing - N Richards Group-Harare-Zimbabwe

N. Richards Group offers a wide range of animal stockfeed for all your farming needs.

From broilers to layers, pigs to rabbits, and road runners, our premium feed ensures optimal nutrition for your livestock.

Visit our branches across Zimbabwe for high-quality stock feed that promotes healthy growth and maximizes your profits.


National Foods Starter Crumbs 50kg - N Richards - Harare - ZimbabweNational Foods Grower Pellets 50kg - N Richards - Harare - Zimbabwe National Foods Finisher Pellets 50kg - N Richards - Harare - Zimbabwe

Protect your crops with effective insecticides and pesticides available from N.Richards Group branches.

Visit our stores to find the perfect product to ensure your farming success.

Get reliable borehole equipment from N. Richards Group.

From pumps to casing and piping, our high-quality products ensure efficient water extraction.

Trust N. Richards Group for durable borehole equipment that meets your needs and helps you access a sustainable water supply.

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