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Finding the best deals takes time and effort. N Richards Group gives you great value with competitive wholesale prices, in all our branches nationwide. Our customers, whether they are Traders, members of the Diaspora buying for their families back home or shoppers looking for the best deal, enjoy value for money on a wide range of all the tried and trusted brands. On our shelves you will find these well-known products and brands:

Arenel, Lobels, Jumbo Snacks, Mega Snax, Lakker Nax, Willards Crisps, Crystal, Iris, Dandy

Roller Meal, Refined Meal, 


Gloria, Red Seal, Uni, Blue Ribbon

Sugar Beans


Pasta, Sugar, Salt, Rice, Tea, Creamers, Mayonnaise | Salad Cream

Milk Products – Dairibord, Dendairy, Prodairy, Cremora

Yoghurts & Ice creams

Cultured Milks – Maas, Lacto, Sour Sawa

Green Bar Laundry Soap

Washing Powder & Detergents

Dishwashing Liquids

Household Cleaners (Polishes/Hard Surface Cleaner/Toilet Cleaner/Fabric Softener)

Bath Soaps
Toilet Paper
Hair & Body Care (Deodorants/Shampoo/Body Cream/ Foam bath/ Petroleum Jelly/Hair Braids)
Sanitary Wear & Nappies

Cornflakes, Cerevita, Porridge

Jams | Marmalade | Peanut Butter | Non-refrigerated margarine | Refrigerated margarine

Soya Bean | Sunflower

Sugar Beans | Lentils

Soya Chunks



Yeast | Baking Powder

Usavi Mix | Gravy Powder | Soup Powder

Peas | Baked Beans | Pilchards | Tomatoes | Corned Beef

School Exercise Books | Pens | Rulers | Khaki Paper & Plastic

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