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eVoucher system

How Does the e-Tenga Voucher System Work?

  • Provide employee phone numbers and voucher amounts in a CSV file
  • Send through payment for total vouchers amount
  • Employees receive vouchers within 24 hours and can redeem in any NRG branch, nationwide

What is an eTenga Voucher?

e-Tenga is an electronic voucher solution operating through a secure SMS platform

It is aimed Corporates and institutions enabling them to provide grocery vouchers to their employees and is a modern alternative to supplying bulky grocery hampers, thus eliminating all the logistical difficulties.

It is a simple, easy to use option that allows staff to access a wide range of product on offer in N. Richards’ branches nationwide.

What are the Benefits?

  • User Friendly – It is easy for all parties to use
  • Value for Money – Staff have access to N Richards Wholesale low prices
  • Convenient – N. Richards Group has 37 branches nationwide – staff out of town are catered for too
  • Adaptable – many payment options available (swipe, forex, Nostro, RTGS transfer) – convenient for the employer
  • Freedom of Choice – staff may choose what they want to buy and adapt their voucher to suit their personal needs.

What is the N Richards Customer Card?

The N Richards card is a Customer Loyalty Card

What are the Benefits?

  • Customers are eligible for promotions and prizes
    Qualify for these promotions they must be NRG Customer Card Holders and when making a purchase, produce. Simple and effective way of entering competitions
  • Customers can make electronic payments for goods reducing the need for cash and offering a secure way of making payments
  • Customers can monitor spending. It can be used only in-store for purchase and a statement is issued to the registered mobile number. This means that expenditure has traceable records
  • Prepaid ZESA
  • Buy & Sell Airtime

One can do the following transactions using your N Richards Customer Card Menu

  • Swipe Purchases
  • Withdrawals
  • Deposit
  • Balance enquiry
  • Bill Payments
  • Value Added Services: Prepaid ZESA token purchased
    Airtime Purchases

How Do I Get My N. Richards Customer Card?

  • Visit your nearest N. Richards Group branch
  • Spend $3,000.00 in-store to qualify for a card
    Ask to be registered for the NRG Customer Loyalty Card
  • Supply your national ID and a proof of residency
    Provide your cell phone number and that of your next of kin.
  • Registration is immediate and you will receive your card, your account number and PIN confirmation directly on your cellphone

Nicoz Diamond Insurance services offered in N. Richards branches:

  • Motor Insurance
  • Zinara Licensing
  • ZBC Licensing
  • Home Insurance
  • Asset Insurance
  • Zimpost Services

How do I access these services?

Simply visit the Nicoz Diamond Insurance Booth which is in these N. Richards branches:

Harare – Hatcliffe 
Harare – Granitside
Harare – Msasa
Harare – Tynwald

Red Sphere Finance (Private) Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of CBZ Holdings Limited and a licensed Credit – Only Microfinance which offering loans to Civil servants and MSMEs.

Red Sphere opened its doors in October 2019 and has two fully fledged branches in Harare and Bulawayo. It also has representatives that are available through all the CBZ branches and over 30 community based agents.

NRG has partnered with Red Sphere Microfinance in offering loans to civil service employees to be redeemed in all NRG stores country wide. This allows customers to access Hardware products, Agricultural products, groceries etc.

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